Smoothwall (Router Project)

Smoothwall....aka Smoothie....
I use a Linux based router for my routing needs. Its based on the Redhat core. It is a very easy to use, easy to set up and easy to maintain routing system. The reason I have upgraded to this is because I owned a Linksys router and two SMC routers that had many problems. Mostly because they crashed to much. So below I will list some things it can do.
My Smoothie
--Amd K6 300Mhz
--4GB Hard Drive
--two NICs
--AT power system
--resides under a bed
--no mouse or keyboard needed
--not even a monitor(after install)

What it can do?
--DNS server
--Ad elimination(mod required)
--Web Cache
--Speed-Up surfing
--Possible lower pings

Mods that I use
--Cable Modem Monitor
--Reactive Firewall
--some others I dont remember

This router with a few mods can greatly help your surfing fun and speed. I suggest if you have an extra computer lying around give it a try.To check it out go here:
and download Smoothwall Express NOW!

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smoothwall -- welcome to a new totally secure way of working
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Updated 4/13/07