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Last Updated 2/7/2006

1) Bacth File commands and usage help
2) Batch file for remove temp files and internet temp files
3) XP services to disable(Excel Speadsheet)
4) Home Page Registry file Fix
5) BootVis Tool and how it works
6) NTFS Registry File Tweak
7) Virtual Bouncer Removal Tool
8) Blocking Unwanted Pops ups, ads and Jun
9) Half-Life Tweaks

Tweak Number 1
Batch Files can be a big help for deleting files and folders on boot or during shutdown or as a backup procedure. For example, say you have about 8GB of Pictures and you need to back them up to a netowrk drive or another drive on the same system. A simple four line batch file can do it on shutdown and save you the hassle. To do this you need to know the commands that your system will except. The batch file located here will create a Webpage that will so you all commands and there usage. I use batch files mainly for backup reasons.

Tweak Number 2
Trying to clean the clutter from a computer can be a pain so here is an easy batch file already written to help you out. After downloading the file. Right click on it and and click edit. Once in the file change the name scott to your windows login name. You can add to this file any directory you want removed. Make sure you spell things correctly or you might remove the wrong directory. After the file has been edited goto start, run, type gpedit.msc, hit enter.Click on the folder titled "Windows Settings". Click on the shutdown item add then point browse to your batch file location and then close it out clicking apply. Then your down. The batch file will now run during your shutdown process. Do not use task scheduler to run this batch file it will create many errors with windows and other programs. You can also add the Temporary internet file to this batch file. If you have other users on the machine each user can be added with their own removal line. Each user in Windows XP and Windows 2000 have their own batch file and temp files.
Download Batch File

More to come later

Blocking Unwanted Pops ups, ads and Junk

To block the unwanted popups and ads and worthless junk all you have to do is edit a file.
This file for Windows XP users is located at "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc". In this folder there is a file called lmhosts. This file is a file that changes IP addresses to host names. It can also be used to help you. Goto this site and download the host file and replace it with your current one. This file is updated a lot so check back. Thanks goes to the people at for there great work on this file. It makes surfing the internet so much better. The directions and information about this file can be found on the site too.

Half-Life Tweaks
Steam To use steam which has support for Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, TFC and Opposing force you will need to download it at Steam is a content distribution system. You will need a key in order to play and it has to be legal. A key can be purchased at local stores for 19.99 to 49.99.

To acheive max FPS in Half-Life these following lines should be added to your config.cfg"(cs 1.5) or to usercfg.cfg(steam).
cl_bob "0"
cl_bobup "0"
r_decals "50"
lightgamma "0.1"
bightness "3.5"
gamma "5.0"
m_filter "1"
sensitivity "2.5"
rate "7500"
cl_latency "-20" (should be set to the negative of your average ping)
cl_showfps "1"
fps_max "100"
con_color "105-255-105"
This should increase your FPS to around 99 FPS. You also have to disable vsync in your cards properties.

I have also found a registry hack that improves your ability to frag. It changes the values for the mouse acceleration.
I have made it into a registry update file. Just download the file and double click on it to install.

As far as i know it does not work with any operating system.

WARNING!Changing things is the registry is something that could possible mess up your computer. All files found on this site are use at your own risk. You should always make a backup of your registry before doing any registry changes. If something messes up your computer I hope you read this and backed it up. Digix is not responsible for anything downloaded her.USE INFORMATION HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! Thanks. Any questions find me on AIM.

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