Ford F150 Mods

4.2 L SEFI V-6
205hp @ 4750 rpm
250 ft.-lbs. @ 3000 rpm
EPA rated at 15 city and 20 highway (5-speed manual)

STOCK 0 - 60 Time
1/4 Mile Time
1/4 Mile Speed
Braking 60 - 0
mph (ft.)
Ford 1999 F150 Supercab XLT 9.9 17.5 N/A N/A

Finished Product:two layers of water shield applied
All the Power to the amps and the 1000 watt power inverter.

I modified the seat mounts so the sub box would fit.
Also, shows the two caps and the two Alpine M-350s.

Insulation installed on top of the water shield.
Its double foil sided automotive insulation.

A rear shot of the same above.
A different angle of the amps and caps and seat

The bottom of the sub box. Custom made.
Houses two Alpine Type S 12 inches.

Complete finished product.
Everything put back together.

The Alpine CDA-9830 Head Unit.
Front View of new Grill from Summit Racing

Drivers Side View
Rear End View

Gibson Exhaust
Loud HORN to Scare the Dumb and Stupid Drivers

View of new cover from LeBra and box
Custom cover install

Custom COver install to cover hole between box and cab
New Pictures Soon! Head Lamps and Tail Lights!

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Updated 4/13/07