Olds Alero 1999

Model: Olds Alero 1999
Standard Engine: 2.4L 150 hp 4 cylinder DOHC
Horse Power: 150 @ 5500 RPM
Torque(lb): 167 @ 4000 RPM

Enhancements that I have done
JVC Head Unit
Pioneer 6x9s and 4x6s
Bosch Platinum +4sg
K&N Air Filter
Sound Deadening
Repairs I Have Done
New Secondary Oxygen Sensor
New Fuel Filter
New Half Shafts(Front Drive Shafts)
New front wheel bearing Hubs
Bosch Premium Rotors
Bosch Ceramic Pads

Fixed rear Defroster
Fixed Bad Antenna

Update 1/29/2006

My Projects
1.) Insulation Mod
2.) CAI..Coming Soon
3.) Front Grill..Coming Soon

Places to buy alero Aftermarket Parts
Performance Center
Exhaust Systems and Headers
Bosch Brakes and Alternators
Razzi Ground Effects and Wings
Many Alero Products(Brake Kits etc.)
RSM Racing High End Parts

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Updated 4/13/07