Adventures in
Water Cool SE

Welcome to the second edition of my water cooling adventures. In this trip I will go a bit further with my obsession. Ok enough of that. I started building a new system. It is a Pentium D 820 at 2.8Ghz with an Intel 945 motherboard. Other parts will include 6600GT PCI-E, 1GB OCZ memory, 250GB Western Digital SATA II. All water cooling parts are from Danger Den. Here is the list of parts for the cooling system:

This project is going to take some time to complete. My brother has suggested the use of hard copper tubing to give it a cool look. Finding fittings is slowing us up currently. Also, all power supply lines need to be cut and custom made for each connection.

The case all this is going into is clear acyrilic. I got the case at Micro Center for $23.99 during BYOPC month. It is a small case so the radiator and fans will be external to the case. So far the plan is to install it on the top of the case towards the front. A clear shroud might be used to give more air to the rest of the pc. These details have yet to be decided. The pictures below are just to give an idea of what it will look like.

More details to come as they get decided or accomplished. Check Back.

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Updated 4/13/07